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branchandroot: Hatsuharu looking pissed (Haru black)

*breathing hard*

For those who have updated to El Capitan and lost their custom icons:

-Shut computer down.
-Hold down Command + R and restart (release buttons once the gray apple icon appears on the screen)
-Wait for the dialogue box on a dark gray screen; bypass the dialogue and go up to the menu bar and select Utilities > Terminal.
-Type in: csrutil disable
-Hit return. Close Terminal and select Restart from the apple icon on the menu bar.

-Fire up LiteIcon or whatever icon swapper you use and swap out icons.
-To do it by hand navigate to System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle; right click and select "Show Contents" for CoreTypes; navigate to Contents/Resources; replace the system icons by hand.

-Now do that reboot, Cmnd+R, Terminal song and dance again.
-This time, type: csrutil enable
-Close out and restart, and lo you will have both your custom icons and your system integrity protection.

This process complicated, in my case, by the fact that none of my computer's boot screens will accept a tap on my trackpad as select/enter, and I had to go fish out my spare mighty-mouse from way back when to actually CLICK on anything.

*gives Apple two middle fingers, quite vigorously*
branchandroot: Hatsuharu looking pissed (Haru black)
Normally, you know, I scoff at the people who respond to any variation of "you depicted people who are like me as $DISGUSTINGLY_BIGOTED_STEREOTYPE in your fic, could you not do that?" with cries of "What do you mean I can't write about this?!". Because, of course, that isn't what any sane person involved actually said, and pretending they did is a transparent buck-passing attempt for which I have only scoffing.

I do also realize that there are people who really do try to tell people they can't write about X topic or group, but, honestly, I can't consider those people with anything but scoffing either.


I hereby declare that no Western steampunk fan is ever, ever again allowed to use the word "geisha" without first undergoing, and prominently displaying proof of, at least one full term of Japanese women's studies or the equivalent.

This post brought to you by a serious case of "omg, how are you related to me, can I disown you right now please" (national and fandom varieties).
branchandroot: Pacifica mightily puzzled (Pacifica eeeh)
Okay, seriously, what the fuck?

My rant on women in KHR was far from the first thing I've written castigating some anime/manga or other for presenting women as useless frills or objectified sex shows or whatever other negative stereotype was in question. I'm fairly sure it wasn't the first time such an entry has been linked on a meta comm.

So why is this particular entry drawing so much fire? I just ran across yet another (annoyingly clueless) screed against it while googling for a KHR timeline for pity's sake!

Is there really such a concentration of anti-feminist women (I shudder that such a phrase can still be written) in KHR, or did this particular entry just happen to fall into the orbit of a small knot of them and I have the bad luck to keep stumbling over their excrescence?
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That is to say, I'm seeing a lot of similarity in how Lau Wu Fei, of Shin Petshop of Horrors, is treated by D/Leon fans and the way just about any canon girlfriend is treated by fans who wish to pair the hero with someone else. He's dismissed, reviled, and generally stomped on for reasons that do not actually have to do with his character.

I would very much like the particular brand of D/Leon fan who does this to knock it the fuck off.

Totally aside from the fact that I happen to like Lau, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from reveling in the first ten volumes and writing D/Leon fic and manifestos to their hearts' content.

In addition to that, I happen to like Lau. And, because of the degree of "omg, he's not Leon, HE IS EVIL" running around, I'm about ready to wash my hands of the damn fandom.

So, my dear flist, what do you think? Should I mention (more diplomatically than this, probably) that those D/Leon fans need to stop harshing other people's squee? Or is that just asking for a flamewar on the comm?


Feb. 16th, 2008 06:08 pm
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WAROGAGOT is a handy acronym which stands for Wailing And Rending Of Garments And Gnashing Of Teeth. I use it sometimes as a tag.

It is also nicely onomatopoetic, being similar to the sound one makes when, for example, one has just spent five hours working on a website, trying to fix a problem, and then trying to fix the problems of the fix, only to find out that it doesn't work anyway and one has to reload the flawed copy of the database from backup and just live with it. And with five wasted hours of computer anguish.

The sound one makes an hour later, when one loads the one line of code that it took three minutes to type which fixes the initial problem is a little different.

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