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Honestly, a lot of the things that YouTube thinkpieces are citing as The Problem With E-Sports™ are just… like, the nature of professional sports. As participants pour more and more effort into optimising their play for smaller and smaller incremental gains, the meta inevitably converges on two teams with essentially identical compositions running essentially identical strategies to grind each other down in long, relatively predictable battles of attrition punctuated by occasional blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reversals. This is overwhelmingly what an institutionally mature professional sport looks like – why should e-sports be any different?

… Why shouldn’t they be any different? Why is trying to fix problems a bad thing?
Consider that stuff like sports and chess has game design that is extremely static, almost crusty. But for video games, we have patches and sequels and stuff.

Why, in trying to become more like ‘serious’ sports, should E-sports also replicate their flaws? Why should they intentionally eschew their single advantage over physical sports? Why shouldn’t they try to be less predictable, require more genuine strategy, and therefore be more fun for spectators?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to fix problems. I’m saying we’re not recognising the problem. Where games that position themselves as e-sports end up is not a consequence of any particular set of game rules: it’s an emergent outcome of professional sports as a social institution. Games that participate in that institution are going to get ground down until they’re professional-sport-shaped whether we like it or not. No amount of pissing around with the on-the-field rules of individual games is going to change that. The problem is not game design – it’s that it isn’t possible to break from the orthodoxy of professional sports while simultaneously chasing after recognition and approval as a professional sport.

Happy Shiptoasting February

Feb. 21st, 2019 08:54 pm
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Due to corporate attempts to use Hip Youth Lingo:

"Roll the dice to see if I'm getting woke!"
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Casual warrior armor. This Wonder Woman tiara necklace is the perfect casual warrior accessory. Whether you need to command a meeting, presentation, or even a date, you'll always be ready for anything that comes your way. Except maybe the god of war. $19.99

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Our favorite Donut Pond residents Show your love for the Hasunoue family by wearing this adorable Keroppi necklace. It features Keroppi right in the middle of his two siblings. Perfect for Sanrio fans, or people who just love green. $19.99

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Go back to school with Archie and the gang If you want to relive a better high school experience, or embrace the dramatic Riverdale experience, this charm necklace is the perfect place to start. Durable and stylish, this will let everyone around you know that you're full of secrets and probably ha $19.99

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More options than a bored boggart Instead of taking the shape of things that terrify you, the way this multi-charm necklace looks is up to your imagination. Mix and match the different charms to highlight your favorite parts of Harry Potter. $19.99

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Because you're a catch. Show off how much of a catch you are with this golden Snitch long necklace. After all, the Snitch is the most important part of the game. And you know what else is important? You are. $19.99

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For when you just cant let go. Keep Hedwig safe and close to your heart with this Harry Potter Hedwig feather long necklace. Hedwig might not have had the most quotable lines, but she left a lasting impression. $19.99

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Dont just complete your cosplay, command it. This Star Trek command badge can pin on to any of your outfits, but we definitely recommend getting a uniform to go with it. Or uniforms (plural). We don’t know about you, but we have several. $14.99

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Three legendary objects in one symbol. This Deathly Hallows necklace set lets you confuse muggles with your bewitching fashion sense. Three objects in one powerful symbol. Wizards and witches alike know the story, but few have seen the legendary Deathly Hallows in person. Have you? $14.99

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Really, the best way to write a transhuman sci-fi story is to write a mainstream sci-fi story and then just keep going.

Like –

Mainstream sci-fi: Here’s an imagined technology that would utterly transform society and call into question what it means to be human. Here’s why it’s actually a terrible idea.

Transhuman sci-fi: Here’s an imagined technology that would utterly transform society and call into question what it means to be human. Here’s why it’s actually a terrible idea. Here are the people who are doing it anyway, the workarounds they’ve devised for the aforementioned drawbacks, and the unintended consequences of those workarounds. Let’s have a three thousand word digression about ethics and/or a really weird sex scene.

bits and bits and pieces

Feb. 21st, 2019 04:34 pm
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I was reading into some mental health stuff yesterday, got unexpectedly upset over it, and hashed out my thoughts and feelings about it with a friend most of this morning. It wasn't even the subject made that me upset, rather the thought of "oh, maybe I've been dealing alone with something pretty hard and I could get help for that". Weird how that hits hardest of all.

I've been in therapy at different times before in my life and it's always a mixed bag. I went to my last therapist to address certain specific things and while I did get help with some of them, I didn't with the big one. And part of that, I think, is that I wasn't able to communicate the full extent of it. With this, I think I might be ready to go again. My friend suggested writing up a letter for a therapist way ahead of time and that's the best plan.

In other news:

I got hired on at the company I've been tempting with. Woo! Medical benefits, here I come! This is the year I need to go back into the hospital for all my tests and treatments, so it's good timing.

I finished playing Kingdom Hearts III, and then immediately went and started playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, my favorite of all Kingdom Hearts games and not the least because it's a big gay love story.

I've started slowly picking my way through RWBY, about 500 years later. It's fun and charming for the fighting cartoon take on fairy tales that it is. Moreso than I expected. The old social circle I ran in was extremely cynical and judgmental of it, so I didn't bother to check it out personally. It's way less awful than stated, which isn't a surprise. I'm still on the first season and excited to see how it develops.


Feb. 21st, 2019 08:13 pm
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There comes a time when I realize that I don't even know what the hell I'm gonna type out and in that case, it's time to RANDOMLY SELECT THE TAGS AND HOPE THEY APPLY (doubtful). And of course, I think I lack the brevity that this particular icon requires-- why is it that all my crack icons are the ones that I like the best? Maybe it is because you have to be in a VERY SPECIAL HEADSPACE and that seems to be my norm.

So today, I realized that I know more at my job than I really give myself credit for.

All of these calls, I was fixing people's internet problems in like minutes-- sending them on their way; yeah I had a few of really difficult calls, but for the most part it was smooth sailing, doesn't stop me of course from being nervous about my one on one since I am on Team Greer, and the supervisor is NOTORIOUS for being a stickler-- I am sure he is some sort of logical thinking types and I am not-- Here I am troubleshooting internets and posting fight club references in team chat. I am still certain that there are still quite a few on my team that don't know how to take me (like is she serious, is she not? who even is her?)

But tomorrow is friday and that means I can sleep in on saturday, and that is GREAT! (also catching up on FFXIV and the Doma Reconstruction quests, which is the only thing I really care about aside from getting gear from the Ivalice raid). Tomorrow, Owen and I are going to go see the Paige biopic, "Fighting with my Family" which is purely for us Wrestling Nerds, I don't even like Paige, but I will go watch it-- of course.

We are also pondering going to the Fastlane pay-per-view in Cleveland. IDK tho

Hope everyone is having an awesome day! <3 If you want, drop a comment about what you're happy about today!
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Title: Hashmarks
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: T for general creepiness
Length: 192
Author notes: Amnesty round prompt "The Lost Hour"
Summary: Some glimpses of Janet's time in the lost hour.

Hashmarks )

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Feb. 21st, 2019 05:08 pm
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Progress on writing "stake everything", an hour after I opened a draft intending to make story words happen: ~1/4–1/3 of the living/dining area is vacuumed. I fall down nao.

(Okay part of my problem is "stake everything" is going to be very lead balloonish if I don't convey Adrien's emotions with at least as much clarity and finesse as I did in "this is a gift", but I'm not entirely sure I know how I did that!)

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