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Posted by DealPost Team

The powerful, portable and wire-free Dyson V6 Motorhead vacuum is currently discounted by a generous $100 on Amazon, where it averages 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 reviewers. The Dyson V6 Motorhead cordless vacuum has an overall cleaning performance that beats most full-size corded vacuums -- without the hassle of a cord. Compared to the upright market, the Dyson V6 Motorhead vacuum has one of the highest geometric average pickup performances, dust loaded, when hard floor, creviced hard floor, and carpet results are combined. Its Direct-drive cleaner head provides 75% more power on carpets than the Dyson V6 vacuum. The V6 Motorhead's typical list price has been reduced 25%, or $100, so you can pick it up for $299. See this deal on Amazon.

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The past few nights, I've been in bed by 10:15, so last night when I stayed up until 11 (which is my usual bedtime), I was like, "it's so late!"

It's getting darker earlier, which always makes it feel later than it is, but last night 11 pm felt like 2 am for some reason.

For some reason my DVR didn't pick up the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels on Monday (at any of the times it aired) but it did have the first half hour set to record last night, so I pressed record for the second episode as well (why does it do that? I do not understand!), even though I watched both live.

spoilers of Mandalore )


I Can Haz Cardage!

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:24 am
alisanne: (Glee)
[personal profile] alisanne
Thank you, [personal profile] brumeier for the post card. You made it? Color me impressed. :)

Thanks also to [personal profile] felaine for the Hallowe'en card. I LOVE it (and you). xoxo

You both gave me a huge smile! <3

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There's something about a cabin. When it's pleasant outside, you want a space that feels airy and breezy and open to the elements, but when the temperatures drop, nothing seems better than a cozy, comfortable home that fits like a favorite sweater. Since we love tiny houses as much in cool weather as in warm, we've scouted five perfect tiny houses that are also perfect retreats from the elements. Come take a look.



Oct. 20th, 2017 12:49 am
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So an AMAZING THING HAPPENED after I made my post last night but before I went to bed.


Rambly rant )

So, teal deer is I have a gigantor chunk of shit still to do BUT it's actually starting to take some sort of shape. I have two pages that work 100% As Intended! They're ugly as shit - there is literally no styling - but I'm only going to worry about that if I have TIME. Which I probably won't, given the whole, breathing on it wrong breaks ajax thing even when you didn't. even. edit. the thing it fucking breaks. (Or you did but it didn't actually BREAK until like twenty minutes later and by that time you've forgotten all the tiny changes you've made and - *twitchy fingers* I want to strangle the entire ajax protocol. Just. All of it. *hisses*)

I really miss having git with this assignment. Since it's running on the uni's server, I have no idea how to set a git repo up, and I'm pretty sure it'll not... really... be worth the time it takes to set up at this point of semester.

But holy crap version control and diff functions would be SO HANDY when messing with ajax bullshit. SO HANDY.
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Posted by Ingfei Chen

Val Olson (from left), Rick Kamm, Steve David and Dee Haskins play up to the net during a pickleball game at Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs, Colo., in 2011.

A fun and social game at any age, pickleball is giving older adults — and their middle-aged kids — an extended lease on the benefits of team sports.

(Image credit: Colorado Springs Gazette/MCT via Getty Images)

Halloween Event!

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:49 am
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[personal profile] inkstone posting in [community profile] pokestop
PokeGo is once again hosting an in-game Halloween event. The rewards are the same as last year's:
  • doubled candy when catching, hatching & transferring pokemon

  • your buddy will earn candy twice as fast

Other highlights: Pikachu will have a special hat. Your avatar can wear Mimikyu's disguise hat. And in addition to the already existing ghost pokemon, we will see some ghost types from Gen 3.

Official announcement

Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:23 pm
[syndicated profile] alreadypretty_feed

Posted by Sally

Reader Wendy wrote to me a while back asking about style rules concerning mixed metals. At the time I wore silver exclusively – my engagement and wedding rings are white gold – so I had never grappled with this question myself. But...

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I work as a freelance animator. I had a meeting with a potential client for freelance animation work on a kid’s TV show

Client: So in addition to doing the animation, can you also design a book cover, a newsletter template, stationary designs, business cards and an merchandise catalogue?

Me: I cannot. I have no experience doing those things.

Client: What? But your resume says that you have a BFA in traditional 2D animation, this is 2D. Paper. Same thing, right?

At this point he waved a piece of paper in my face to show that yes, it is 2D.

He also informed me also he couldn’t pay me yet, but he promised me that once his TV show hits the air, gets sponsors and win Emmy awards, I would get paid big time.

I passed.

Get the Freelance Guide for 2017

I love the newspaper of record!

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:47 am
sine_nomine: (Default)
[personal profile] sine_nomine
A headline in today's New York Times:
"Trump’s Condolence Call to Soldier’s Widow Ignites an Imbroglio"

Yes, this is only going to confirm the paper's status as the paper for the intelligensia (which is unfortunate; clearly high school students everywhere should be reading it as a vocabulary lesson!), but seriously, when was the last time you saw a word like imbroglio anywhere, let alone in a newspaper??

And, in light of recent news about the state of my anatomy (tl; dr: my infrastructure is being less than satisfactory in many places) - which will, of course, require a stack of further testing and is leading me to be really upset at myself for not getting this all checked out YEARS ago... not to mention fascinated that what my mother thought was significant arthritis in her hips was actually likely her lower back but we didn't have as good diagnostics then and not for nothing but I'm going to the #1 hospital in the country for orthopedics and #2 for rheumatology ... which does lend itself to one hoping they, of all people will get it right and take me seriously), I really need as much amusement as I can get.

(In other other news, I am having a sweetheart delivery this evening; on the way to contradance camp and the person driving is overnighting in Brooklyn so sweetheart is getting dropped off at my place... which comes with its own challenges but is mostly good)

This Is Halloween. (No, Really.)

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed

Posted by Jen

Greetings, bakers! This handy guide will demonstrate how easy it is to turn your bakery's plain stock cakes into fabulously frightening Halloween designs.


Then let's get started!

First, nothing says "Halloween!" like a sprinkling of candy corn:

So easy, the deli guy can do it!



Or, October is the perfect month to stretch your product's shelf life. When the icing cracks and the colors fade, just add a spiderweb!
See? Now you meant to do that!



And why not take this opportunity to "customize" your scones?

"That'll be $1.20 extra for our 'tomb scone specials.'"



Or, since studies* have shown that customers prefer plastic over pastry nearly 37 to 1, far better to reach for your trusty Flotsam Bugs®!

* We asked our marketing team.

Suddenly, Stanley felt the tide of power turning...



Flotsam Bugs® are grrreat for turning any design into a Halloween one. Can your bakers only make roses? Nooo problem. Just add a Flotsam Bug®, and poof!

Now that's one scary Halloween flower!


Or, how about turning a birthday present into a Halloween birthday present?

Spine-chilling, isn't it?



But let's say you have character cakes already decorated with an assortment of flotsam. What then?

Why, just pipe a few ghosts on, silly!


Hm? What's that? How do you pipe ghosts?


Ever see a cactus?



And finally, what about all those doggy cupcakes you're required to pump out by the pound? Well, a little Flotsam will soon have you seeing eye-to-eye with your customers!



Or, if you want to go the extra mile, give Patches some patches!

Good dog that's awful.

I mean, uh, look how cute!

And remember, bakers, once Halloween is over it's easy to convert your cakes back, too:

"Aw, Suzy, don't cry! It's just a sweet little kitty cat! See? He's smiling at you!"


Thanks to Wreckporters Katrina S., Kristin S., Holly Q., Emily A., Sara F., Megan G., Jess & Connor W., Bettie P., Stacey K., & Kristen, who know that a party hat makes everything better.



Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

[syndicated profile] apartmenttherapy_feed

One of the best parts about traveling the world is getting to experience different cultures. In fact, it might be the best part. Nothing beats getting to sit down to chat with a stranger on the other side of the planet, listening to them describe their life story. And if you listen long enough, they just might clue you in on a totally new perspective of your own lifestyle.


Enhanced, by Carrie Jones

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:14 am
mrissa: (Default)
[personal profile] mrissa
Review copy provided by Tor Books.

This is the sequel to last year's charming Flying. It's not a bad book, but it highlights the perils of sequels rather clearly. Flying has a clear emotional arc and core: Mana is figuring out what the heck is going on with aliens and enhanced humans and her place in the world, but her relationship with her mother and her friends is rock solid. In Enhanced, the central mystery is far smaller in scale. The basic facts of the world are known and we're down to figuring out the details. Mana's mother is out of commission, and her relationship with her friends is shaky for most of it.

Possibly worse, her combination of cheerleader and superpowered (enhanced, as in the title) individual really doesn't get a chance to shine for a full three-quarters of the book. Mana is scared, uncertain, and on the defensive--which is fine, but it's less fun to read about than Mana discovering, exploring, and kicking butt.

There are some new aliens, some new government agencies, some new developments in the world. But in general this feels like a little more of the same but less so. A de-escalation in some senses, a holding pattern. I still believe that Jones has somewhere to take Mana and her pals Seppie and Lyle, and this book is a fast read to get to the next step, but...we're not at the next step yet, and I don't really feel closer.

Please consider using our link to buy Enhanced from Amazon. Or Flying.

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