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Day 1 - In your own space, talk about your Happy Placeā€”the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane.

I quite like this one, especially since I wouldn't have been able to answer it as certainly a year ago. But now I am very sure: it's my own land, which is to say southern Michigan.

I seriously did not realize before I got back, but I sank so much of myself, my identity, my stability into this land. And the land held me and kept me safe through some pretty scary shit, to the extent that I've had more than one therapist start talking about angels.

This land is woven through all of my self-visualizations and mental anchor images. Land with water running just underneath, land with trees connecting the water and the sky. When I got back it was like meeting the other half of me, again.
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Okay, I actually consider a lot of these questions out of line or poorly phrased. But I took this prompt because we are trauma-initiated, and may be a little more familiar with some of the medical BS behind some of these.

Also, fair bit of profanity, in here, and not a huge amount of sympathy for the original questioner.

Lots of questions re genesis of multiplicity and medical assumptions herein )

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