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branchandroot: Ed giving a thumbs up (Ed thumbs up)
Yes! Thanks to begging the LJ-sec developer for a fix, I got LJ-sec to work on my work PC and have deleted all my LJ entries in one fell swoop!

There were over 2800 of the suckers, so thank goodness it /did/ work, that would have been really gruesome to do by hand.

So my journal is all cleaned and tidied up and points to me here (and also to the codesharing comm). *pleased with the world*

So, anyone whose LJ-sec is not working, hit up the lj-sec comm on LJ (very Escher, that) and pick up the patch that the very kind dev has provided.
branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)

Not ONLY do they fuck up the latest release so it allows random people access to random other people's journals and HAVEN'T ROLLED THE RELEASE BACK, but NOW LJ-SEC CAN'T LOG IN. Because those remote log-in pathways that just changed?



*breathing heavily* I can only hope that the lj-sec developer is a kind soul and releases an update soon. Because this is absolutely it, I'm not leaving my content on that service for another second than I have to. Nothing but public links to other sites!

ETA: It has been suggested by a party who wishes to remain unnamed, but who has some cause to know, that the reason a release like this will not be rolled back despite security failure is most usually that this release fixes some /other/ security bug that was being actively exploited. Additional recommendation: try logging out of LJ and not logging back in until it's fixed. This would kill one possible cause of the mad account access swapping. If it's another cause, apparently we're fucked until LJ's worker bees can scramble a fix. *sighs*
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Having once again witnessed LJ's own Patriot Act Squad in action, on an LJ news post, I am, once again, disgusted and saddened.

And I hope that attitude never, ever, ever sets in here at Dreamwidth.

It's exactly the same attitude that leads US citizens to insist that patriotism means unquestioning acceptance and, indeed, adulation of all aspects of one's country, and that criticism or the desire to change things invalidates one's citizenship and identity as a countrymember. This, of course, brings out in me a mighty need to beat them over the head with copies of Franklin and Jefferson until the typeface actually makes contact with their brains in one way or another.

Let us never, please, never fall into that trap of insisting that no one can stay who has any criticism. That's wrong. Worse, that's the kiss of death to an open source project of any kind. "Love it or leave it" is the counsel of fear, and I want my new home to stay braver than that.
branchandroot: Pacifica mightily puzzled (Pacifica eeeh)
So, um, why is there suddenly a copyright notice on the bottom of every site-schemed lj page, including pages of user content, declaring copyright of LiveJournal? I can see why it would appear on site pages, but to put it on user content pages is, um, blatantly inaccurate.

Now with extra fail for the holiday season?
branchandroot: Ross freaking out (Ross freaked)
Dude, I think they may have hit rock bottom. They redesigned the profile page and it is butt ugly. It's cramped, crowded with useless information, and bland.

They're racking up pretty much purely negative comments over on lj_design, where all this was 'tested' and 'announced'. *shakes head* Do the ever learn? Well, clearly not.

I hope Dreamwidth is ready to roll out soon, to take advantage of this, because people who don't care about censorship sure as hell care about having their profile pages uglified.

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