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branchandroot: pen with burning ink (ink burns)
Series: Detective Conan » Annealed
Words: 6586
Character(s): Akai Shuuichi, Date Wataru, Furuya Rei, Matsuda Jinpei
Pairing(s): Akai/Furuya
Summary: Furuya is finally, if not prepared, at least willing to start dealing with Hiromitsu’s memory. Fluff, Angst, Characterization, Porn, I-4
Rei felt that he was doing pretty well at the whole ‘having a partner again’ thing, especially after several years of human interaction that was almost exclusively business. But sometimes he still couldn’t help showing how long it had been, or, he suspected, the echoes of who used to be his anchor to human connection.

Read: Back Burn
branchandroot: pen with burning ink (ink burns)
Fandom: Detective Conan
Arc: Annealed
Words: 9196
Character(s): Akai Shuuichi, Furuya Rei, Jodie Starling, Kudou Shinichi, Miyano Shiho
Pairing(s): Akai/Furuya
Summary: Bits of the daily life of two agents and the people around them, how the work is wearing on Furuya, and what Akai plans to do about that. Humor, Definitely Romance, A Sprinkling of Porn, I-4
“There are no ‘should’s, for us,” Shuuichi said, soft and steady over Rei’s ragged words, fingers sliding slowly through his hair. “Only what can be done. Of the two of us, I’m the one who can make this promise, right now. So I do.”

Read: Crown Fire
branchandroot: pen with burning ink (ink burns)
Fandom: Detective Conan
Arc Annealed
Characters/Pairings: Akai Shuuichi, Furuya Rei, Akai/Furuya
Summary: Their work finally pushes Akai and Furuya together once too often, and Akai forces the issue of what happened to Scotch. In the wake of it, they find in each other some of the understanding they’ve both needed.
Meta:Kinda Romance, Porn with Characterization, I-4
Wordcount: 8307

"You see so clearly, most times," Akai said, very softly, almost a whisper between them. "Remember what you saw, Furuya-kun. He didn’t do it on his own, no. Think about what he would have seen and heard, up on that roof. Already sure that the Organization would be coming for him, what did he hear right before he shot?"

Read: Ground Fire

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