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Bleach: *happy sigh* Okay, we have some fine character interaction getting started with Hisagi, and I hope to hell this means what I think it does and that Kensei will bap Hisagi upside the head and give him a new model to fight on. Also? I almost died laughing over Hitsugaya and Hiyori yelling at each other.

KHR: Yes! Finally, we find out what the fuck is going on! And, yes, now it makes perfect sense that Irie feels it's all his fault. *pleased* I was right about Byakuran's ability being related to time and knowledge.

I died laughing some more over Reborn's comment about Tsuna living a hollow and meaningless life without him.

This does not /actually/ explain why Byakuran couldn't just be hunted down and killed previous to the first ten-year mark when encountering Irie kickstarted his ability, but this is Amano, I'm going to settle for given backstory.

Naruto: Eh. I can understand how the plot is broadening out into a mature focus on actual politics and all, but it just isn't /grabbing/ me. Without engaging storytelling, the most meaningful plot is so much cardboard.

TRC/Holic: Okay, there looks to be some promising action coming up in Holic, though I have a dreadful feeling that Watanuki will turn out to be Clow or something intensely peculiar like that. I'm betting Doumeki's egg can save a life or stave off death, and he has to choose whether to use it for Yuuko or save it for Watanuki.

TRC, on the other hand, is yet another heaping helping of WTF. There needs to be a diagram for this manga. And also, where is the KuroFai action? I mean, come on.

Date: 2009-08-02 04:45 am (UTC)
armadillo: (Default)
From: [personal profile] armadillo
Reborn's comment was so nonchalantly cruel and... Reborn-like. ^_^; And I loved Shouichi and Byakuran's backstory, too.

Date: 2009-08-02 10:28 am (UTC)
kemis: (reality.exe)
From: [personal profile] kemis
I thought exactly the same thing reading Bleach - "now would be a great moment for Kensei to step in and give the poor boy a new love interest goal to strive to".

As for KHR, while I'm happy to finally find out what's going on, I'm also just a bit worried because it means that Irie's usefulness is thinning, and considering he's already heavily wounded I think it might affect his chances of making it alive through all this.

Tsubasa's Chronicles, I've given up on understanding anything about what's going on about 50 chapters ago or so. I'm waiting for the series to end so I can re-read it all together, hoping it will make more sense then.>_>

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