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May. 3rd, 2011

branchandroot: pen with burning ink (ink burns)
I was given the prompt "writing", and since I appear to have actually written Naruto fic, somewhat to my surprise, this seems like a good time to talk about it.

Writing is something that my brain seems to do almost on its own. Alarmingly so sometimes, especially when I'm dreaming! My dreaming mind seems to have zero care for whether something is scary or horrifying, just so long as it makes a good story of its genre. Every now and then I'm aware enough to actually observe that logic in action; my dreaming brain is really very particular about abiding by genre and narrative conventions. I could write some terrifying slasher films if I could do that while awake.

I'm distracted by other things during daily life, of course, which means most of my bunnies scuffle among themselves and pick a bloody winner when I'm falling asleep and waking up. The story puts itself together, piece by piece like dominoes or a jigsaw puzzle, and if, by the time I reach coffee, I still remember it, well there's what I'm writing that day. And I have to strike while the iron is hot, or the bunny may just bugger off into the underbrush never to be seen again. Or, as in this case, to leap upon me unawares two years later.

Not infrequently it's frustration that drives the strongest bunnies, and thus the Naruto fic. I just couldn't take it, any more, that the second half went in such annoying and implausible directions. Sasuke's sudden psychotic break, Itachi's sudden apotheosis, the disappearance of Inner Sakura, none of them ever made sense to me. And I've long wondered how hard it really would have been to change all that. Maybe if Kakashi, who's a war veteran and an ANBU veteran both for pity's sake, had just recognized where Sasuke's head was instead of approaching him like a normal teenager... And wouldn't it be fun to mix up the three "types" among students and tutors... I bet Sakura could totally handle an infiltration mission on Orochimaru... zzzzzz....

And, well, then I was waking up with the story kicking down the door.
branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
Actually I totally wanted to talk about my icon, because I'm hugely proud of it.

That was my own photography and Photoshop work! And it started life as an oak tree by the side of the highway, next to a John Deer signboard. Which is why it now has that odd sort of cloudy, mist-like stuff at the bottom. Yay for the smudge tool!

It's also actually two shots of the same tree, one in full summer leaf, and one with just winter branches, superimposed and 'shopped to hell and gone. You can see a larger version of it on white here. It's really kind of my signature for my own sites. I've always been much about trees.

After that, of course, it was the easiest thing in the world to put my name down the side, select that strip, and Inverse it. And there we go!

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