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So, the thought of Akai and Furuya kind of won't leave me alone. (Unsurprising, given that, as previously noted, all the detective types have five times the chemistry with each other that they do with any official love interest.) So I pulled down the older eps and rewatched, to get a feel for them, and my goodness are these two made for each other.

For one thing, Furuya Rei is gay as the day is long. He relates very well to women, but he really doesn't like women hitting on him. Every time it happens, which is fairly frequently, he slides aside from it with very uncomfortable expressions and laughs. He's also pursued a downright vendetta against the man he blames for killing his (male) partner for three years. And despite knowing good and well that Akai is from another law enforcement agency (we shall leave aside the essential fact that the FBI operating on foreign soil would be smashingly illegal in and of itself, because the mangaka doesn't seem to give a rip about that), Furuya still plans to throw him, or more likely his cooling corpse, to the Black Organization. Revenge and infiltration stepping stone in one. This after he's gone to some trouble to catch Shiho alive, including crossing Vermouth to do it, which suggests that he was setting up to perform as switch and spirit her into official protection. It's not his MO to kill if he can help it.

Furuya is also a bit rash. He has a strong tendency to charge the target as soon as he's got it in his sights, which leads to a few mistaken deductions, most notably regarding what happened with Scotch, and is also what allows Akai to do the bait-and-switch with his Okiya identity.

Meanwhile, Akai is over on his side being the most enormous troll ever, who clearly enjoys fucking with people. He winds Conan up over being Kudou, he needles Shiho, he smirks over his sister's suspicion of Okiya, for god's sake he leads the Detective Boys out to Furuya while he's doing surveillance on Okiya and drops them on Furuya with a smile. Akai totally gets his jollies out of fucking with people's heads, he just covers it up a lot of the time with a calm expression. Kind of the way Furuya covers his edge with a smile and good manners.

At the same time, Akai is the one who's usually calmer and more focused on the job, and the one who reminds Furuya to keep his eyes on the actual enemy. Given that Furuya is doing his damndest to kill Akai at the time, Akai is remarkably gentle about redirecting him. The only time we see Akai going a bit berserker is when he's actively shooting at Gin.

Considering that the two of them also basically have brain-sex every time they encounter each other over a mystery, this is a pairing with much potential. Especially if, as I speculate, Furuya has a bit of a senpai-complex. Given his background, and his prowess at Academy, I suspect he hadn't had many, and would respond very strongly to someone of his own calibre stepping up to offer a guiding hand. Which, when you think about it, Akai kind of has.

In conclusion: pairing catnip.

Date: 2018-12-27 12:22 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] annotated_em
They are so definitely your type.

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