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Sep. 30th, 2018

branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
If I had ever questioned whether Yukimura is actually made of crazy, which I hadn’t really because that’s /always/ how he comes out, I would really, really not question it after today’s words.

And incidentally, Tezuka is just as crazy, because this was /exactly/ the outcome he was aiming for by throwing Echizen into a match with Yukimura.

Good grief.

Today’s snippet:

Ryouma frowned, remembering that match, suddenly wondering about that difference. Atobe had… he had… well, enjoyed it, yes, but not like he was enjoying his opponent being in pain or trouble. Ryouma did know what that looked like; that was the kind of opponent he’d always taken the most pleasure in crushing, when he met one. No, Atobe hadn’t been like that. He’d been… excited, that was close, but not just that. Fascinated? Delighted? In love? None of this was sounding any less borderline perverted, but it hadn’t been like that, he’d just looked at Tezuka-buchou like…

He glanced back up at Yukimura and lost his breath all at once. Yukimura was smiling, not broad but still bright and wild, completely intent on Ryouma. A smile that invited, demanded, dared him to step up and meet it. He actually took a reflex step forward in answer, and Yukimura laughed, softly.

Atobe had looked at Tezuka-buchou like that.

“If we don’t play all out, no matter what, then what are we standing on this court for, Echizen?” Yukimura asked, voice low, just between the two of them. “How is there any fun in holding back?”

This was crazy, completely crazy, he could still see the pained shortness of Yukimura’s breathing, from this close, but something in Ryouma still leaped up in answer, bright and wild and wanting what Yukimura was showing him right now. He thought Yukimura saw it, too, because he laughed again as he stepped past, toward his court. “Now. Come and show me what you’ve got, Echizen. All of it.”

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