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Sep. 20th, 2018

branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
Sometimes there are days when you’re so dragged out from work or school or life that you get home and just collapse, and your characters are likewise collapsed all over your brain, and no one has the energy to do anything, even if you know generally what happens next.

And then, sometimes, your characters don’t give a good goddamn about what kind of day you had, and go running through your brain yelling madly, grab you by the collar, and jump onto a word-sled to shoot down the story-mountain at a hundred miles an hour, and you’re left blinking, dazed, at a few thousand words, wondering what just happened.

So, yeah, that was a match that just happened there.

Today’s snippet:

Genichirou took a slow breath and let it out, and made himself look at the thought straight on. Yukimura was right. Six games in was far longer than it should have taken him to realize this. He glanced over at the coach’s bench, and snorted at the serene smile Yukimura gave him back. Normally it was Akaya who got that look, and it stung a little to have it directed at him, but he probably deserved it.

All right, then, enough fooling around.

He stood at his baseline and closed his eyes for a breath, feeling the flow of his breath down to the bottom of his belly and back, feeling the absolute solidity of the ground under his feet and the bounds of the court around him. He breathed out all his thoughts and expectations, and opened his eyes.

Across the court, Atobe threw his head back, laughing out loud, arms spread wide as if in welcome. “About time, Sanada!”

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