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Dec. 10th, 2008

branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)

So, I’ve been browsing back through some of my old fic and, in the process, the comments, and have been amused by something.  Amused in that “oi, people” sort of way.

Let us imagine that there is a manga or anime with a character who is underage during the course of the series (or most of the series).  Let’s say 12-15, since most people stop kicking over it at sixteen or thereabouts.

Let us further imagine that I have written fic for that series in which the character in question has hot, enthusiastic, participatory sex.

Let us further imagine that someone comments disapprovingly on this.

To which, upon mature consideration, my response is: If you read a story in which the only time-indicators are Some Time Later (probably because I’m not entirely sure when it does happen) and reflexively imagine the character who is having hot, nay even kinky at times, sex as underage, I am quite willing to agree that there may be a problem.

I just don’t think the problem is with me.

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