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Sep. 19th, 2008

branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)

Having caught up on TRC and Holic, I think I have discovered why Clamp has made such liberal use of separate time streams and repeating time loops in those two manga.

It’s because they can’t actually plot coherently, and time-knots make the plot so monumentally confused that they can hope their readers won’t notice.

Also, they should have left Holic on hiatus until they figured out what the hell they’re doing with TRC and got around to the denouement. As it is, Holic reached a nice peak of dramatic tension and then fell all in a heap, and is now bumbling around with mini arcs that would have been worthy and interesting half a series ago but now just annoy me.

I am, however, increasingly sure that I was right all along and that Watanuki is Shaoran’s child. Or, just possibly, his father, but most likely his child. I’m keeping a saver on him being Fei Wong’s child, but that’s an outside chance.

*settles back to wait for the next issue to reveal that there was yet another time back-loop that happened, because that’s Clamp’s version of pricking her finger on a needle*

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