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Okay, finally found the next thread to pull, for the Finals matches! This is definitely going to be all about the various kouhai and their continuing development, which means a whole lot of spectator POV. And who else to use for Fuji’s match than Yuuta?

Today’s snippet:

Mizuki-san nodded, and cast a brief, approving look at Yanagisawa, where he was leaning on the back of Yuuta’s seat. “I wasn’t sure until I saw it myself, but I think you were right. That wasn’t just an intensification of his existing style; that must have been a genuine breakthrough. Fuji Shuusuke has never been hungry to win, before, but look at him now.”

Yuuta was already looking, and the change was a little amazing. He’d never seen his brother stand like was now, as he and Yanagi shook hands, weight already on his toes, ready to move and leaning into the coming match.

“At one point, I thought that meant he wouldn’t be a true challenge,” Mizuki-san added in a tone that might have sounded neutral to an unsuspecting listener.

Given the brother he had, Yuuta hadn’t been unsuspecting since he’d been about seven, so instead of mentioning that it seemed like Aniki hadn’t been a real challenge to the top-level Nationals players, he said, “Will the change throw off Yanagi, do you think?”

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