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Date: 2017-06-21 01:39 pm (UTC)
branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
No, no, meta-discussion is good!

Jingrui's attitude toward freedom is actually one of the things I see changing the most during canon itself. He starts out, let's be blunt, kind of desperately naive, despite repeated attempts on MCS's part to nudge him toward figuring reality out before the hammer comes down. The most blunt of these is what he says when Jingrui insists on thinking of /him/ as "free"--that no one with desires is "free" the way Jingrui is trying to think of him, and to quit romanticizing. And I would suggest that Jingrui is only /able/ to romanticize like that because he /does/ have such a plethora of ties so strong that he doesn't even think about them or how they support him. When it all falls apart, he loses the solidity of those ties, one after another, and I think that's when he may start understanding that "freedom" isn't actually what he wants. He wants his solid connections back--when he goes with his sister to Chu, I think he's trying to /find/ some. After Jingrui gets back from Chu, and comes to see MCS and Jingyan with his mother, there's that moment when MCS asks if travel was good for him, and Jingrui says that yes it was, and now he understands more. Now he's able to say to his mother that he would only act after considering /her/ needs and desires--that's some pretty amazing progress, considering where he started!

So, by the end of canon, I think Jingrui is actually pretty likely to resort to something like the military, which has a powerful enough structure to hold firm, even for someone with bonds (albeit frayed ones) to so many different places, and yet still has such an intense emphasis on internal loyalty and brotherhood. This contingent, of course, on it being Jingyan who's about to be in control of all the armed forces--someone who's ethics Jingrui can trust in.

Also, it amuses me to imagine Lin Shu hunting around for whatever the equivalent was of an experienced non-commissioned officer to assign Jingrui, who would be deeply exasperated by the remaining idealism of his officer but gruffly dote on him anyway and look after him.
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