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So, you know how the "new and improved" Etsy has an "activity" item in the menu bar? And how every time you do anything, like add an item to favorites, that item gets a little number over it and the number doesn't go away until you click on it? And if you click you just get a look at your own activity feed, which tells you absolutely nothing you didn't already know because it was your own activity for pity's sake?

There's a way to get rid of that number.

You'll need a browser that lets you use user styles. In Firefox, this means the Stylish plugin for greatest ease. In everything else, this means making a document and directing your browser to use it in your preferences.

So, cut and paste this into a Stylish user style for Firefox:

@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain("etsy.com") {

#main-nav #activity span.count { display: none !important; }


Or else cut and paste this into a text document for everything else, and name/save the file according to the directions linked above for your browser:

#main-nav #activity span.count { display: none !important; }

And, lo, the little number will go away.
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I believe those of us who participate in online communities should find a new term to describe the name(s) by which we are known offline.

There has been a sad proliferation of terms that use "real" to describe offline names, lives and identities, and I would suggest it is a false application and a harmful one.

In what way are our online handles not real? They are, in fact, reified with every word we type using them. The fact that there may be many such identities does not make any one of them less real. Only the sincerity or lack thereof with which we speak in them can do that.

One name may be the one we use in monetary communities such as banks, when signing for a loan. Another may be the one we use in creative communities to sign the works of our imaginations. The structural functionality of both names is the same.

Under certain circumstances, "official" and "unofficial" could suit the need to distinguish between what is acceptable to, say, employers and what is not. But even that casts a shadow over the legitimacy we generate on our own account, in our own spaces, to our own rules.

Myself, I lean toward "offline" and "online" which are less value-laden and more simply descriptive. And, for those who are in the privileged and fearless position of using one name for everything, the statement that "this is my 3D name, too" has a certain panache.

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Centrifugal discussion is the discussion that happens between separate entries. It's what happens when, instead of adding a comment to a post, someone decides they want to talk about the subject in their own personal virtual space, and posts a new entry on their own journal.

Personally, I find this kind of discussion the most thoughtful, most varied, most interesting and, above all, calmest.

Because, you know, a person's own space is always where she feels safest, deep down.

That's the kind of discussion this journal exists to contribute to.

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Sometimes, in I Ching, hexagrams go in pairs. Heaven over Earth and Earth over Heaven is one of those pairs.

One of the most common readings of this pair rests on the point that the movement of Heaven is upward while the movement of Earth is downward.

So Heaven over Earth, rather than being the happy, natural way of things, is a recipe for instability. Each of them flies off in its own direction, without any countervailing influences at all. It's a model of solipsistic extremism.

Earth over Heaven, on the other hand, is the concept of balance. The movement of each presses against the other and is held stable. Earth over Heaven can move in any direction at all, as long as both choose and move together. It's freedom, but also constraint, because, without that partner to balance against, it all unravels again.

Another interesting thing about I Ching is that each of the six lines in a hexagram can be stable or moving. A moving line will change into its opposite, solid to broken and broken to solid. So, for example, Heaven (three solid lines) with all three lines moving will be on its way to becoming Earth (three broken lines).

And now we come to the point of this. Our online text interactions with each other can be either Heaven over Earth or Earth over Heaven.

In either case, though, the lines are invariably all moving.

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E-life would be better if everyone refrained from replying until they have actually read the post/comment/thread in question.

Read it. Not skimmed it, not glanced at it in the middle of reading one of the fifteen other windows they have open, not blipped over from some convo for five seconds to dash off a reply just for the joy of hearing their own voices. Read it.

Possibly even, and I know this is a pipedream, here, read it with a small amount of care and attention. Maybe even pausing to dismount from personal hobbyhorses and consider for a brief moment that the poster might mean something different from what they would mean if they wrote the post in question.

Is it really so vital to have your existence noticed that you'll consent to be noticed for being a blithering hot-air bag who totally missed the point?


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