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Okay, so we have very little on Hiromitsu, to date, but there's a very Hiromitsu-shaped hole in Furuya's life, so let's speculate.

First speculation: Hiromitsu and Rei met in middle school. Hiromitsu's brother is six years older, and it appears that he was /not/ taken in by those Tokyo relatives when their parents died. Therefore, he was old enough to be independent but not old enough to support his brother. I'm guessing he was just finishing high school, or possibly in his first year of police academy. That puts Hiromitsu in year one or possibly two of middle school. This also works with Rei's specification that Zero was his childhood nickname.

Second speculation: Given what we've seen, in other families in this series, Hiromitsu probably shares Taka'aki's sharp mind and reasoning abilities. He may not be quite on Rei's level, but he's probably able to keep up with Rei.

Third speculation: Hiromitsu is the easy-going type, though possibly also the type who's easy-going specifically to get his own way. If the first son is (as has been abundantly demonstrated) the stubborn type, then some clashes with parents seem likely. A common response to that, in second children, is to adopt the "slip around the problem" approach. Also, we have to remember, he stopped in the middle of what was very likely an assassination assignment to teach his teammate's unexpected little sister to play bass. He seems to be the type to distract, smile, smooth things over. Probably consciously, if he's in Public Security in the first place. Along the same lines, contrast Hiromitsu's habitual scruffiness with Taka'aki's exceedingly precise grooming (which, in itself, may also be in part a reaction to Yamato). So, Hiromitsu likes to maintain a casual presentation and charm his way through trouble. Sub-conclusion: this was probably one of the things he and Rei first found they had in common.

Fourth speculation: Hiromitsu and Rei were very close friends, given Rei's reaction to his death. (Undying, years-long vendetta, including what is arguably misappropriation of both PS and Organization resources to close his trap, which is... dude.) He may well have been Rei's primary source of human connection, considering a) that reaction, b) the fact that they were assigned together to the Organization infiltration, and c) the fact that Rei has clearly broken off contact with his other Academy friends (Date by intention, Matsuda and Hagiwara by attrition). Side-speculation: Rei, as a member of the 'senior' branch of Public Security, asked for Hiromitsu to be his partner on that assignment.

Fifth speculation: They were not lovers, given that Hiromitsu uses Rei's family name in his final email. But Rei loved Hiromitsu, and Hiromitsu counted him, at the least, a dear friend, one he would take his last moments to say goodbye to, using the nickname he gave Rei.

Sixth speculation: Again, given the intensity of Rei's reaction, Hiromitsu may have been his stabilizing influence. This is, in part, based on the fact that we have seen absolutely nothing in the way of Rei's possibly family or familial connections. We see plenty of everyone else's, but nothing for him, which suggests there isn't any. His closest current connections appear to be his subordinate, Kazami, his observation target, Conan, his vendetta target, Akai, and Vermouth, for pity's sake. Rei is clearly brilliant at his job, but I have to think that he wouldn't have lasted this long without some kind of anchor, and I'm guessing it was Hiromitsu, who did have some family support still to his name. Again, possibly in reaction to his older brother's lone wolf tendencies, Hiromitsu may have been much more of a team player.

Seventh speculation: if Hiromitsu knew enough bass to teach Masumi scales in a few minutes, and given Rei's ability with electric six-string and the acoustic twelve-string we see in his apartment, I'm betting they played and probably composed together.

In conclusion, wow is Rei probably a total wreck, emotionally speaking, at this point in canon.
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