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In case I get in-comers from the blue hellsite... Welcome to a much nicer site!

Profile pages will be a big help in navigating around; that's where you can see what communities and users someone you find interesting reads. That's a good way to hopscotch around to things that have a good chance of interesting you. Or, if you feel lucky, you can hit Random Journal under Explore in the site menu.

Security and visibility are completely in your hands here. If you want to make a post that three specific people who read you won't see, behold you can do that. I'm not saying it's incredibly easy, but it's also not rocket science; just hit Manage Filters under Organize in the site menu. First link on the page is the one you want.

Incidentally, behold the site menu! It doesn't disappear and reappear randomly, how cool is that!?

/heavy sarcasm

The equivalent of tracking a tag is, loosely, a community. Make sure you put the name of the topic (the show, the book, the singer, the team, etc.) in the Interests field when you make the community's profile. That way people will be able to find it when they search. Helps if you talk it up a bit, so there's a group of people who all subscribe and start posting.

Also, lots of questions have been answered on the latest [site community profile] dw_news post, and the FAQ has a lot of how-to answers.
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