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Date: 2017-06-23 04:25 pm (UTC)
sabriel: Kuroshitsuji - lighting a fire (Kuroshitsuji - lighting a fire)
From: [personal profile] sabriel
To be honest I don't think Jingrui's cut out for the army because loyalty there tends to work in a more out of obligation than brotherhood. Though if the commander is good (and Meng is VERY GOOD), brotherhood would come out of it anyway, but the obligation will always be there, if that makes any sense.

Rather, I could see MCS grooming Jinrui as his successor in the pugilist world, to take over the jianzhuo alliance. Before the matter of his birth came up, Jingrui was essentially straddling both the pugilist world and high society. After the circumstances of his birth came out, his place in high society (and hence the court) would have been very awkward. (People would be polite to him because of his upbringing and his mother's rank, but still.) I have no doubt Jingrui would be able to work his way up the army or court but he doesn't seem like the type to enjoy it. Of course, the obligation to obey your leader also exists in the pugilist world, but the rules are much more lax there.
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