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Branch ([personal profile] branchandroot) wrote2017-06-06 12:41 am

Gong Yu is so much fun to write

Seriously, she’s just the most sarcastic little thing. Especially when she’s doing the espionage part of her job, and /most/ especially when she’s dealing with stupid men.

Not that one can blame her, to be sure.

Today’s snippet:

And all the while she cooed and snuggled at this fool, she held close in her heart the memory of Dong jie-jie’s teeth flashing as she bared them in a fierce grin the day Gong Yu had gotten past her guard during morning training, the hardness of her eyes when they’d finally pinned down when Qing Li’s south depot had started losing goods–just a year after the man beside her had gained his current office in the Ministry of Revenue. Even more than that, the sober confidence in her voice when she’d told Gong Yu to return to the capital without her and close this half of the net on her own. She made her smile bright with that memory and poured more wine.

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