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...they say something like this.

In reply to my email objecting to the pending required-gender-binary thing:

thank you for your feedback.
However, the code update that you refer to is not live and did not have any chance to go live. That was a beta release, we always push code to beta to see if everything works correctly. In many cases it does not and we either fix bugs or pull the code from the final release plan.
We were going to add a gender field to the sign up user flow, which is fine, but by mistake it became a mandatory "female/male" field for everyone. This is why this is not going live. And this is what beta releases are for, to see problems and solve them before any user faces a problem.

I would appreciate if you share this information with your friends that are also concerned. I am sorry that you were misinformed.

Best regards,

To which I could only reply:

I am very pleased to see that you have rolled back that code. However, please note, I never thought that it was *already* live. Instead, upon being alerted, I examined the changelog account, and the code in question, for myself and determined that, indeed, that code, which was *already in the repository* and waiting only on the next code push to go live, would do the things I was warned it would.

I am afraid that disingenuous comments about my being "misinformed" only make me more suspicious of LJ's original intentions. I do not appreciate the implication that I do not know what I am talking about, nor such a reinterpretation of my own original message, nor the veiled accusation that Denise was lying. She was not. The repository is not a beta test site, and none of the changes I objected to could have been made by mistake. Please do not continue to misrepresent events to users who may be less familiar with code and the LJ file structure.

Honestly, how low can you get? Well, about that low, I guess.
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Signal boost.

LJ is eliminating the "unspecified" gender option, and from Thursday or so on will require that the gender field be filled out (with male or female) upon account creation

Link has some links to the lj profile page and the feedback page.

ETA: LJ has rolled back the code in question! See, if we catch it early enough, sometimes we can have an effect.

Of course, the replies to concerned citizens are pretty well lying about the particulars, in that Corporate-speak, ass-covering way so near and dear to all our hearts after previous go-rounds.

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