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Icons that Rana asked about:

This is my "I have lots of spoons" icon. I don't use it much these days, unfortunately. The reference is to the spoon theory explanation of chronic pain, which has been adapted to similar chronic conditions. In my case, adrenal exhaustion.

This one I mostly have because sunshowers are one of my favorite kinds of weather! The contradiction just delights me, so sometimes I use this icon for mixed moods.

This is a detail from an LA Williams picture. I use it for when I'm talking about something pointy and delicately balanced--kind of like that knife. Hot button issues.

*grins* Second time for this one. It's a detail from a Susan Seddon Boulet image that I first found because it was Virgo in a zodiac calendar, and that's my sun sign. I use it for my esoteric posts a lot, and sometimes for when I'm in a somewhat aloof mood.

Ah, now this is from a Nene Thomas print. It's one of my favorites, especially at full size, because the woman has a gun in one hand, just casually, and this little smile that perfectly matches certain moods. Usually rather arch or wry moods.

Date: 2009-04-20 03:53 am (UTC)
ranalore: (ginji woot)
From: [personal profile] ranalore
I thought that first might refer to the spoon theory. It's really an excellent analogy. The second is the kind of weather we refer to as "liquid sunshine" in my native neck of the woods. I adore it. I also adore knives, Boulet, and armed women. And skulls. *G*

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