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branchandroot: Tsuzuki squeeing (Tsuzuki squee)
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Okay, so I waited until this season was complete to watch it, because I knew that otherwise I’d be a total wreck. (Good call, me.) And now I just have to squee over the first handful of episodes, because Tsukishima! Eeeeeee!

I’ve kind of figured, in the back of my mind, that Kageyama would be the captain for his year, once he finally got his head together and learned to draw his team together. Treading in his senpai’s footsteps as it were, though I’m sure death-glares of epic proportions would meet anyone who actually /said/ so. But now… now I think it might just be Tsukishima. Because this season shows that he’s the one who analyzes and thinks ahead, and, most importantly, that he’s finally been fully engaged in the game.

Also, he’ll be a deadly psychological player and get the other side riled up /so bad/. And, well, his own team too, but you figure they’ll be (kind of) used to it by then, and all the kouhai will just exchange “they’re at it again” looks when he winds up Kageyama and Hinata.

It will undoubtedly take all of another year to get him there, to the place where he has the confidence in himself to actually plan for the whole team, but I think this is the start of it. Also, I have a soft spot for evil bastards, and Tsukishima is so very good at being evil.

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Date: 2017-01-01 06:19 am (UTC)
anehan: Elizabeth Bennet with the text "sparkling". (Default)
From: [personal profile] anehan
Wasn't That Moment just amazing? *squeeeeeeeee* I think you once told graychalk that you don't follow the manga. Is that still true? If it is, then that was the first time you saw Tsukishima's volleyball enlightenment moment, right? IMO, it was possibly even better here in the anime than the manga, because holy shit, that shout. Uchiyama Kouki is doing a damn fine job as Tsukishima.

Me, I always figured the captain would be Yamaguchi, but I'm totally down with Tsukishima getting the job. He'd probably be even more reluctant than Ennoshita, though for different reason, obviously. Heh, evil bastards are the best.

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