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branchandroot: Hatsuharu after a Black turn (Haru aftermath)
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Writing the climax of a scene or section strikes me as a whole lot like packing to move. You pack up all the books and pots and clothes and look around and think "Look, I'm almost done!". And then you pack up the fridge and medicine cabinet and linen closet and look around and think "Look, I'm almost done!" And then you pack up the basement and computers (and have disconnection anxiety) and major furniture and look around and think "Look, I'm almost done!". And then you clean like the dickens and throw shit in the truck and draft any and all friends to help and have pizza and clean some more, and look around and think, "...there is so much shit left to pack."

It's like that. Only with plot instead of boxes.

4K words today. Most of that was "the climax". *gives Sasuke a Look* You'd better appreciate this, boy.
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